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debris out of lanes pastn% gmt8srliar with that'(j beware they're out there clearing that out. north 85ñi still añi stall on the ramp to northbound elñiñiñi camino.ñi 92. >> another big day for the 49ers in newñiçzççñii orlean. they'll ooz head to head with reportersñiñiçó today inñii supers7 dome. there are apparently lots of san francisco fans goodñi morning, katie. these early mornings are a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of the team as they leave their hotel room here on canal street and boardu!]izk buses toñiñi the si
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their dayñi may take them. we were here when they were doing that yesterday, and!d so manyñi people arrived onñi 4%qv]ázce barricades that line right here. they haveñi their[çmw3 camera phones out. the thing is none." of themçñ3 are wearing 49er gear. you havehtg askñi yourself, who are theseñi people? where are they from? why are theyñi here? do they love the[oñi 49ers? are they the faithful? itñi turnsñi out they're not from sanç francisco, butçç they do love theñiñi 49ers. and some ofçó that love goes wayñi back.ñiñiñiñi >> i wasóñi a big fan. it started with steve sort ofñiñi carried over. they have a great team, great playersñi and they certainly areñi on a roll right now;ñi that'sñi forñiokñi. >> porter and his wife are from illinois. they visit new orleans every year. it is a fluke thatñi they happened to be here thisñi year during the super bowl, a superñi bowl which theñaiñi 49ers are playing in. and get this.i
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te-áh:j.ñin-law is actually the -- quote -- heñiñr has allñiñi the memorabi, tonsñi of autograph. this flukeñi encounterçó might cause[ñ family rivalry. christianñ'içó mentioned media day. today is media day. for onlyñi the secondçó time the nfl is allowing fans to the nfl is allowing fans to > thank you so much. kay didñi -- katie bringing youi theñi bestñi spwo*el -- super bowl week coverage. we'll be reporting livew3 ñiñiñ$8qdindçó theñi scenes updat at abc 7 news bayñi area. >> san francisco bar and restaurant owners areçóñi pushing backñiñi againstñiñiçó a to limit boozeñi sales on super bowli sunday in hopes of cuttinqi back onçó
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>> what a bigñiñi backlash from the mayor's suggestrthat the cityñi party on but party light on super bowlw3 sunday. he wants cityñiççñi bars to se something other than hard liquor on game day, but bars like this say,ñiçó mayor, thanks forñi the adviue but that'sñi notñi goingñiñi to especially since cocktailsñi are their specialty and their breadñi and butter. owners say the suggestionñi that hard alcoholñi sales be restricted is misguided. the mayor says he's not here. he wants to prevent theñi drunkenñi violence that won the worlliñi series. but bar owners say it is their responsibility to >> every one and a halfñi ounces of speurs is the spirits is the same as one ounce of glass orç beer. it is aboutñiñi moderation.
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responsibility. people should know theirçóñi limitations, as clint eastwood used to say. they ought to just be cognizant thatw3ñi anñi overindulgence in añi celebratorqi way couldçó be very hurtful to communities and to themselves.çñiñi >>ñi the american beverage institute calledñi any attemptw3 to restrict liquor sales a ridiculous ideañi avoidñi[çç demonizing añi ayor is hoping for añit. celebration with moderation, and we have noticed here that tzisñiñiñi bar specials come gameçó day right here in theñiñi window. >>ñiñiñi president obama travels to las vegas today to lay out his visionç(fn/sç immigrationñi reform. he'sñi calling for a pathway toñi citizenship for millions ofçó illegalñi immigrants, improvements toçokz the immigration system and more effectiveñi mechanismsñi for helping employers verify workerñi status.
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bipartisan group of senators agreed onñiv/q framework to create a pathway to citizenship forñi 11 million people living inñi tdb nited states illegally. during the presidentialñi8@dicaa promised toñi make immigration reform a top priority for his secondñi+iñiñç term. >>ñi a state senator from oakland isñi taking up the issue of gunñi violence andñiñi firearms lawñiñi during an informational meeting today in sacramento. the chairman of the senate!d public safetyñi committee isñi holding a skwroepbt -- joint hearing with theñi senate and ays5bly at 9:00 this morning. among those scheduled toñi testify are representatives of law enforcement and gun ownership rights organizations. expertsñiñi will demonstrate whichñ$t)áqprms are legal andñizgát÷al under ke÷yñ after today it might get tougher to smokeñi in sanñi francisco. supervisorsçó are likely toñi give final approval to a measure banning smoking at outdoor festivals and parade. the new lawñi won't require policeñi to look for violators but promoters will have toñiñi make
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announcements. willñi be firstñi large u.s.((%i whether landlords mustñiñi letç potential renters know if smoking is allowedñi in theirñii building. >> santa clara county chargesok against añr manñi accused much starting a massive fire. it burned 4,300çóa#res and destroyed 63ñi homes.w3 officials say he startedñi the blaze when he didn't put out smolderingeátz of brush he wasñi hiredñi toç buri on monday attorneys saidñi they weren't sure they could prove most of the serious charges against him. he still faces jail time ifñi convicted of a misdemeanor in the case.ñy3 >>ñiñi 5:07. dry out there this morning. and not that cold. >> and not thatñ! kold. thank you sow3ñi much.ñiñiççó >> what's the future going toñr be? >> warmer?ñ!,p6c0@3
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i've been listening to your forecast. >> very[çñrñi good. good morningñiñi everybody.ñiñi visibility is unlimited just about everywhmr thisñiççó morning. 4-])átorts.tñ wáéçs atñi]úa6c03 minimalñiñiñi fog, i had some at else is running a little bit warmer than the frost.ñi about 37 will be ourñi coldest temperatures at some of our reporting stations atñi 7:00. low to midñi 50's, high clouds andñi sunshine, another bright andñi beautiful day with a deep blueñi sky. no pollution to worryñi about. midñi to óp"erñi 50's aroundñiñi 4:00. mid 40's to about 50. a light to heavy jacket you'll need if you have the next three days, here's thatñi warmer weather.çç today aboutñi average. tomorrow low to mid 60's. mid to upper 60's for thursday and also into friday. hope you]iñi enjoy. here's sue. hope you enjoy the commute. >> we've got a problem
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developingñi because a hot dog cart fell off a truck in lanesñi 880 paytñ 92. c.h.p.i couldn't get it outñi there fastw3 enough.]úa6c0@3 another car hitñi itn% spreadingñiñi debris all over theñi freeway.ñiñi hopefulfully there will be a temporary shutñiç down butñi now 880 past 92 because of the debris closed in the haywardñiñi area. theñi ramp to northñiñi el camñi >> thanks so much. it isw3 5:09. >> a bayñi area woman tried toñi get tickets to the super $6,000.ñi worse, the crooks addñi insult toñi injury. ñiç açó proposedçó earthquakeñi warning system that couldñr warning system that couldñr oneñiñi day s well, well, well.
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have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide. oú:wjzd morning. sue hall on the abc 7 traffic center. we have better newsñiñi now. northboundñi 880 past 92, what was a hot dog cart in lane number 2ñi was then hit by a car scattering debris everywhere and into the windshield of anñiñi ss-passing car, all vehiclesñi are on
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the shoulderñiçó now. the roadway is open and the[5k43 debris is going toñi dissipate there. they are done with thatñi situation. but there are cars on the shoulder there. that's theñi latest. >> thank you very much. it's nowñi 5:13. a new proposal would create an early warning9é;:uqm to detect california earthqu8 a bill being introduced in the state legislature would earlyñi pulsesñi caused by on comingñi quakes. it would trigger alarms and sendw3ñi tvçó messages. it would help schoolchildren get to safe positions and shut down transportation likeçó bart. >> for every major earthquake, we know toou!]izk well the number of injuries that resulted, the numbq ofçóñi fatalities that resulted and the economic impact to our state. with a small investment you can minimize that withñi injuries, fatalities and >> japan already hasñzanñi early warningñi systemñi which costñi $600 million toñiç creae
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from scratch. california's system wouldñi cost an estimated $80 million because ) wouldç[çç upgrade infrastructure already inñiñi place. >> police are looking for a man who exposed himself to a parent in front of añiñi3ñiñi school. jefferson elementary schoolñi on bancroft avenue where a woman wasñiw3ç approached fridy evening. police say she was waiting to pick upñi herñi child whenñi an adult male rode up toñi her on a bike and began talking to her.w3 the woman noticed he had his pants unzipped and was exposing himself. police.çó dominican hospital in santa cruz earlier this month. >>ñi police inñi f@krç field ae investigat'q; a woman whoñiñiñi impersonated añi doctor so she could steal credit cards. she was spotted in añi hospital last week. police say she wore añi b areas.ñiu
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$4,500 was chargedçóñiç on >> scamñr artists have takenñi advantageñi of an east bay east bay woman's love of e>#.tñiñi woman boughtñi tickets offñiñiñi craig's list from a fan. súez got this instead. in the package mailed to their address yesterday they found a message that read enjoy the game.ñi goñiñi ravens.ñiñiñi lol! the phrase go ravens wasñi written on envelopes. the woman has not reported the incident to policeñiñiñi ye. justñiñiñi awful.ñi ticket holders whoñi didn't get supe$ñ bowl tickets from the team areñi questioning the way the team distributed tickets for the bigñiñi game. the 9ers held añi lotteryñi fori seasonñi ticketñi holderrers.çi -- holders. tickets for the game. we asked them what the odds
5:15 am
wereñiçó of winning. theçó eam said everyone had an equal chance, butñi they didn'tñi discloseñi theçñiçó o. >> wonderingñrñi howñi do all these agencies havew/np&l these season tickets when the fans, the true,3;g don't ge÷iw3 a chance to buyñii them. >> teublgs areñiñiw3çó tickets o available at nfl ticket skhraepbgñi butñiñi -- ticketñi exchange but those sell atñi inflated prices. >> it is always heartbreak when youç can't getñi tickets.i the fraudulent folks outçów3 there.ñiñi >> youñiñiñi haveñi these $150çó tickets but they'reñi sellingñi everñiñi else forñiñi three, fii grand. these brokers buy them and inflate them. how is thatñiñi not scalping? >> we can soothe ourselves with nice, gorgeousñiñiñi
5:16 am
weather. >> enjoy theñi sc goodñii morningçóñiç everybodyç watchñiñiñiñi withñi surroundçóç big-screen tv's. if you haveñi that, invite me over, please. we're lookingñi at emeryvill down to sanço2francisco. looks prettyçó clear. see the clouds picking up thisçó morninoçñi andçó the dry air. that is underneathñiu these higher clouâ3 clouds and a little bit of wind keepingñiok our temperatures fairly tame. weñi still have livermore andñi3 ö's. in the midñi to upperñi everybody else in the lowñi to midñiw3ñi 40's. san francisco 47 and 48. san jose aboutñi 37ñiñiñi degrei santa cruz low to mid 40's. mostly sunny,ñi breezyñiñi over our beaches andñi outw3 overñe@3 the ocean.ñi going to beñi choppy.ñiç clear, calmer and probabfyñ
5:17 am
milder as we head through the weekend andñi we'll start to pull up temperatures overnight. our days areñió still shorterçi than ourñi nights so it's harder toñi get overnight temperaturesñi up unless yoñi or cloudñi cover. temperatures today?oiñr mainly in the midñiñi to upperñiñi 50'. santaçó rosa, napa, fairñi 58ñi to 49ñi for holster. tonight mid to upper 30'sñi inland. scattered frostñiñi possible. midú w3 bayshore and out to the coast. high pressure taking over now. añi little kink in theñi armor, thatñiñi areañiñi of odd airñi i heading out to utah where they'llñiççñi getñiçzççñiie kmy-t8(r and every day we'll get a little bit warmer. low íob5idw3 60's tomorrow, lowçó to midçñi 60's onñi thury and also friday and into saturday andñi sunday and monday maybeçóñi a little cooler with a small chance of rain.
5:18 am
have a good day. good morning. ack tore goingñi hayward. i want toñi show you ourw3 traffic app. 92 northbound 880. it wasñi a hot dog cart in lanes. a car hit it spreading debris everywhere. shutting down northboundñiçóñi 880. as are several vehicles. you can sdg the veryñi slow traffic remains in theçó past 92 inçó hayward. accident on theñi shoulderñi westboundñiñi 580 at 60, the dublinñiñi pleasantton areai noçñççó delays. it is off to the shoulder. a little bit of slow the path. >> now 5:20. >>ñi the super bowl isñiom:çot as famous for the commercials as for theñi acxvjrjñ the field. comingñiñi up,ççó açó sneak pet
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>> a new way to share moments on twitter has become anñi unexpected hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, >> welcome back. new data shows advertisers get more bang for their buck by putting commercials on line before super bowl sunday. utube said ads that ran before super bowl on line got an average of 9 million views and those who waited until sunday got an average of 1.3 million. advertisers are taking notice of the trend and so on monday
5:22 am
volkswagon and audi released their videos. according to cnn companies are spending four million for a 30 second spot. that is half million more than last year. >> a new court ruling means that complaining about the boss on facebook could cost your job. >> good morning. think about a tax return. i.r.s. efforts to fight identity theft and false returns may slow things down by a week. the i.r.s. begins to accept 2012 returns tomorrow. if you have a college degree you may be overqualified for your job. a new center study said 48 percent of the college grads are in jobs they are more than qualified for. there are 42 million college grads on the work force . be careful what you say about the boss on facebook. you may be at risk of getting
5:23 am
fired. the national labor relation board had ruled that employees were free to. but those regulations are in question because that was appointed when the senate was not in recess. >> it is now 5:24 can time for a check on the weather forecast and leaves me speechless. >> it should. it is going to be that warm. what is more? mike? >> temperatures are around average for the entire state. high pressure is dominating all of our weather and putting a road block up for snow in the mountains or rain in the lower elevations. 58 in big sir . 60 in sacramento and chicko. we'll be in the mid-to upper 40s in the mountains. sue? >> back to hayward. i-880 is remaining slow.
5:24 am
a hot dog cart got hit. the traffic is still very slow past the 92 interchange . toward the san mateo bridge looking good. a few brake lights as you make your way toward the high rise . lights in the toll plas a. >> thank you, sue. actor jude law joined jimmie kimmel on the couch. in this case he talked about the rising price of postal stamps. >> postage service raised the price of first class stamps. stamps are something that the pilgrims used before weigh had the internet. i wish the postoffice would charge us for e-mail. maybe aunt nancy would avoid sending gangnum style eight months after it came out. >> i whan you are talking about.
5:25 am
it is following abc news at 11:00. night line comes on after jimmie. >> twitter using the video, facing the first hicup. pornography. x-rated videos are uploaded and users encountering the explicit material. they can flag them as inappropriate. they now display a warning. >> 5:30. a taste of new orleans. katie went on the search for best food that niner fans will find in the big easy. >> that's not fair. east bay city facing a $15 million lawsuit and the police shooting leading to the new legal action.
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc 7 news. >> good morning, it is tuesday. 5:29 and good to have you here. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas first up the check on the forecast. >> it may be cooler a lot like yesterday. you can see it on doppler 7 hd. dryer air is cutting the high clouds that is roaming in the neighborhoods. there is deep blue sky and high clouds and sunshine. it will be breezy on the beaches. about the same temperaturewise in the bay can inland mid-50s to around 60. here is sue with the can check on the traffic. >> we are checking back on the hayward situation i-880. we can see the red line here. slow traffic from before 92, due to a hot dog cart hit in the lanes that temporarily shut down the entire freeway
5:29 am
to get all of the debris. you can see the slow traffic remains here in the hayward area. we'll follow this . you can download a free app at the apple store and google play . 680 there was an accident that is now cleared in the dublin area. eric and christian? >> new at 5:30. city of walnut creek is hit with a 15 million dollar lawsuit by the family whose victim was shot and hit by the police. >> eric, in the court documents there is a new version of what happened in the apartment building. the family of anthony bandit junior 22 years old said one of the police officers was in the apartment and the tripped and fell and panic ensued and
5:30 am
that is when the officer fired at banta. they say their son is innocent. police said that banta was armed with a 10-inch knife and police had to shoot. this is what the police and attorney for the family had to say about the shooting earlier this month. >> police ordered mr. banta to drop the knife. he charged down the stairs toward the officers. the officers fired in self defense. >> a lot of things will add up and maybe in time they will add up we'll be able to make sense of this. the family is shocked. >> friends of banta held a candet light vigil after the december shooting. they say it would be shock for their friend who was a hair dresser to have threatened police. they find it hard to believe.
5:31 am
the family claim that is banta was arguing with the roommate and the argument was well over when the police areiched. the family is seeking $15 million damages. live in walnut creek. amy holyfield abc news. >> a eight year old girl was shot while standing in a home. a car drove by and someone in the vehicle opened fire. the gunfire riddled the house with bullet holes. she was shot in the leg. no one else was hurt. the gunmen are still on the loose. oakland is completely out of control. >> the 49ers coming off of the practice field to scrimmage with the international med yampt niner fans in the big easy are patrolling the streets hoping for a glimpse of the football stars and a
5:32 am
darn good meal, too. katie is lucky outside of daysy duke. katie has a glimpse of the heros and a darn good meal, good morning. >> good morning, eric. we made it inside of daysy dukes . so right next to the 49er's hotel and it is open 24-7. right now in new orleans 7:30 normal time to eat breakfast and look at the breakfast thes. smells good in here and the food is delicious and the tip of the iceberg of what to find to eat in new orleans. your mouth may water at the words alone. red beans and cat fish and shrimp and rice for the jum balaia. >> he knows the new orleans palate and he sells the food to the restaurant. >> crawfish season coming in season and you will see them
5:33 am
eating crawfish. shrimp season is pretty much year round. we are in oyster season. raw oysters and grilled oysters is popular. >> sea food as far as the eye can see and so much more for the 49er fans. >> from the bay area santa cruz. >> and over a fried cat fish poboy he lives in burbank and in new orleans for work. >> since we are staying in the hotel. i purchased the hotel and i had a couple of guys sign it. >> another fan from another state, florida. >> i always have been a niners fan in the days of steve young and vernon. >> and the staff is happy to host the niner fans and wouldn't mind if a certain player stops by. >> we love kaepernick. >> why? >> he is a nice looking young
5:34 am
man. >> the crew got a sweet treat when coach jim harbaugh came by. >> fat-free and low carb. hopefully you got to joke. fat free and low carb, not phrases typically associated with the food in new orleans. something else. brace yourself people of san francisco. let me tell you about the special. two eggs and sausage,on or ham and hash browns and grits and toast for the price of $3.99. i will show you the plate coming up in the show. >> so nice of you to show it to us. abc 7 news has an entire team in the super bowl in addition to katie. sports director larry beil and sports anchor mike shumann and
5:35 am
wayne freedman who will bring you the coverage. you will be enveous of the food and tweeting the behind the scenes updates. >> a lot of those tweets are about food. chp said it is close to tracking down the drivers behind a dangerous stun stunt on a freeway. cars were doing donuts on i-880 saturday afternoon. this video and others like it were posted on line. the drivers could have caused a serious accident or killed somebody. the drivers got away before the officers arrived. but investigators say they have some license plate numbers and working to identify the officers. >> oakland police are opening investigation in hazing in a high school that led to the firing of a football coach. it involves lewd acts against six students.
5:36 am
the former coach said he did the right thing and reported the incident and host his job anyway. administrators claimed he was fired last week for not providing enough supervision in the locker roommate. >> chevron said it paid 10 million in medical claims. chevron said most of the money went to hospitals for medical exam treatment. immediately following the august 6th fire. the health officials, chevron paid 20,000 claims. chevron still faces a lawsuit over the blaze from a group of 10,000 residents and state fines for allegedly violating worker safety laws. >> supervisors will decide whether to renew the ban on smart meters. opponents say the meters might raise utility bills and oppose
5:37 am
the customers of keeping the old meters. pg&e said they are acerate and safe. it would affect 70,000 residents in the county's unincorporated areas. >> the manual survey on snow pack. snow provides a third of california's water supply. snow pack was at 134% thanks to early winter storms . that is about halftime the state average for it is season. officials say they will only be able to deliver 40 percent of the water public agencies are requesting. hopefully the manual survey will be more promising than the electronic ones they are doing. >> time for the forecast, mike? >> here are the electronic bons, they are dropping below 96 in the north and 92 percent in the south. that gives a state wide percent of normal for 94
5:38 am
percent. we have to go all the way through april 1st for the snow season. this will continue to shrink and i think that is going to happen. high pressure is starting to move close to the coast. storm track moving the snow to idaho and nevada and washington and wyoming and eventually colorado. for us, lots of sunshine and high clouds. temperatures are cool at night. we are in the mid-to upper 30s. low to mid-40s is your lunchtime temperature and then you will need a jacket at 7:00. as we move forward. warming trend will be sloww. low to mid-60s on wednesday . hitting 66 which is warmer than 64 in the bay. there will be a few more high clouds on friday. have a great day. here is sue. >> we had reports was a hot dog cart in hayward and just after that that hot dog cart
5:39 am
got hit. they had to temparily close . you can see the residual damage. it is before 92 to just after 92 and all of that did - debris and cars affected on the side of the road. there is slowing there. on the bay bridge minor delays for cash paying folks. looking good as you go to san francisco. the stretch between dacota road, looking at under two minutes and there is the east, short communicate looking good. >> thank you. >> taking you live to breaking news in eastern texas, two people are reported hurt in this fire in a oil storage facility in van zandt county. the officials were called at 3:00 a.m. about an explosion. two people were smoking on top
5:40 am
of the tanks. both are 24 years old. the fire is still blazing and firefighters trying to keep it from spreading to other areas. it looks like at this point those tanks were burned to the ground. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> good morning, 5:44 . oakland police chief howard jordan will discuss the shootings of officers two incidents. an officer was shot in the leg chasing a man with a gun. police arrested year old nathan cook on attempted murder chargings. investigators say cook tried to steal a bike at gun point while leaving the scene of a car crash when the incident happened . another officer was shot in the arm in a confrontation with drug suspects. the officer identified himself as police but the suspects said they didn't care. police later arrested two suspects. >> new information this morning about a house fire in hayward. a nine year old is credited with saving his uncle's life,
5:44 am
his pen year old uncle trapped inside. the fire was reported 3:30 yesterday afternoon. sky 7 hd was over head. the nine year old ran to a neighbor's house to get help. firefighters rescued his uncle from a bedroom. >> boy scout officials will meet next week to consider whether to allow openly gay scout and troup meters. they will make the decisions for themselves. the father of a gay teen denied the rank of eagle scout because of his sexualorientation said it is about time. >> the point of the scout law you have to be honest and truth worthy. these kids haven't been allowed to do that. >> the family started an on line petition that has 469,000 signatures on the website
5:45 am >> super bowl sunday is just a few days away. at wing-wings, san francisco 8. workers are prepared to make 12,000 chicken wings. customers are encouraged to place orders ahead of time. at extreme piz athe staff has been doubled and they expect to make 500 pizzas on super bowl sunday. >> giants and in the world series might have been a busier day. >> sf party business is brisk thanks to the 49ers making the super bowl. there is balloons and red and gold wear. >> even mipe local grocery store is in on the game. i wouldn't watch it without the kids say i want that balloon. >> absolutely.
5:46 am
we've turn the color of the beam red and gold. if you look up, you will see that. have they told you that. >> yes. >> no. >> okay, i made dispup it fun. >> i liked it. we could, we would. take a look outside and see what is going on. make everything red and gold we would to get in the spir and it make sure everybody else is with us along worry the ride. >> good morning, it is fairly here . looking over to say the port of oakland, looks pretty came . looking live at sky doppler 7 hd. we are dealing with clouds. we have high clouds out there . everything else is kind of quiet comparatively. it lookks like an easy commute as far as the weather. this is what is going on with the temperatures. we just updated. napa and fairfield and livermore in the mid-to upper
5:47 am
30s . warm spots at 47 and 48 . 45 at monterey . 40 in santa cruz . so appropriately. mostly sunny today. need the sunglasses and it will be breezy at the coast. that's about it. that is pretty quiet weather. clear and calmer and cooler tonight. tonight will be the coolest night and we'll have mild afternoons. today's temperatures. 60 in fairfield . oakland and napa and santa rosa at 61. everybody else in the mid-to upper 50s . monterey bay 50s . inland 58 degrees . for tonight. mid-30s inlandd . scattered frost just like this morning. mid30s and 40s in the bay and coast. couple of areas of high pressure dominanting the weather. this system is going to bring snow no to nevada and utah and
5:48 am
miss us. this will hold all the way through the weekend. we'll have a slight off shore wind. low to mid60s. have a great day. here is sue. >> looking live at i-880 richmond to golden gate to berkeley and mcar thur mays. soled line of headlights and speeds of 45 miles per hour. to the san mateo bridge looking good. crowded in foster city direction. noncommute toward hayward is huve negligent limit. speaking of hayward. your highway 82 and i-880 northbound, we had a hot dog cart that got hit an hour ago and accepteding debris and cars. chp to shut it down. now you can see it is all clear tow truck on the scene to get the cars out of there. and now a good ride.
5:49 am
download the app from the app store of or google. it is tree. >> same-sex marriage is a hot topic here in the u.s. . now it is taking center stage over seas. >> morning commute is getting more expensive. the price drivers could be paying to fill up by valentino's day. >> and coming up in the 6:00 hour. investigators return to the brazil night club where hundreds of people died. hundreds of people died. the only thing that inside [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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5:53 now. air pollution in beijing is getting worse and forcing many people to wear masks. a thick layer of smog blanketing china's capitol right now. the level of pollution reached 18 times what the world health organization considers safe. officials are advising everyone to stay indoors. it will like lie condition because of little wind to break it up. >> u.s. and italianar searching t adriiatic city for a missing fight are jet. they lost contact in a trainning mission. the pilot sent a alarm signal before the plane disappeared from radar. the air force believes that the plane has crashed and the the bad weather is making
5:53 am
search for the pilot difficult. >> the measure of same-sex marriages has split the nation. thousands of people marched in paris in favor . two weeks ago they demanded defeating the bill. france could be the 12th country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. >> kind of a ground hog day, wouldn't you say. meteorologist mike nicky is here. we need the right actors. 24 hour temperature change. san francisco three degrees warmer . concord the same . santa rosa one degrees cooler. here is the radar. you can see that the storm track is moving away from us. 59 in san francisco . 50 in the la and palm springs. no new snow. here is sue with the travel.
5:54 am
>> check nothing with all mass transit. everybody is registering on time. bart and cal train no delays. work out there . estimated 6:00 pick up time. northbound 242 to cord avenue two lanes blocked until 6:00 . should be picked up in the next few minutes. >> president obama is poised to quickly sign a measure bringing 50 billion to super storm sandy victims. the senate approved the bill . house did the same two weeks ago. the money will help the residents and businesses and state and local governments rebuild from the devastating october storm that killed 130 people and caused damage. fiscal conservatives worried about adding to the deficit but the bill passed easily. >> the cost of gassing up your
5:55 am
car is up gan. the national average is up two cents in the last few weeks and could hit shy of four dollars while the refineries make the switch to summer blends. in san francisco 3.72 for a gallon of regular. that's the highest in the bay area. oakland 3.62 and in san jose penny more at 3. will be. >> pain killers like advill and aleve could be dangerous for children. researchers found that children given the drugs could develop kidney disease. the drugs are especially dangerous for children with the flu. instead of those drugs parents may want to consider tylenol or no drugs at all. >> next at 6:00, bartenders respond to san francisco's request for super bowl booze
5:56 am
reduction on rowdy fans. >> we catch up with the wife of niners head coach jim harbaugh. she opens up about the stress the super bowl is having on their family. >> and what jc
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> wake up, wake up. think of it as your personal alarm at 5:59. thank you for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. mike is here with a look at your forecast. >> good morning eeverybody. start live doppler hd. it is dry this morning. no need to worry about the umbrella or anything keeping you from getting wet. we have high clouds showing up . that's all they are. high cloud and prevailing
5:59 am
pattern coming from the north. we have moisture locked in the upper parts of the atmosphere. here's how the temperatures will let you know how to dress. fairfield napa 36. livermore 39 . low to id-40s elsewhere. neighborhoods for half moon bay and san francisco warmer at 48 and 47. 7:00 this morning. scattered frost possible inland in the deepest valley sheltered from the wind 37-42. for you, high cloud and sunshine. 53-61 and it will be breezy in the beaches and grab a jacket for the evening hours. we'll see stars and temperatures in the mid-40s to around 50 degrees. here is sue with the look at traffic. >> if your commute goes thoothrough marin wood and marin ymca there is a steady stream of headlights .

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